1) Joe finish ...... to the teacher before we arrived. a) TALKING b) TO TALK 2) If you want ....... how to play tennis, you have to practise.  a) LEARNING  b) TO LEARN 3) I've decided ...... a big party for my birthday. a) HAVING b) TO HAVE 4) Our father always encourages us ....... try new things. a) TRYING b) TO TRY 5) He managed .... the door without the key. a) OPENING b) TO OPEN 6) Have you offered ..... the drinks?  a) BRINGING b) TO BRING 7) Would you like ... some coffee after work? a) HAVING b) TO HAVE 8) Don't forget ..... me tonight!! a) CALLING b) TO CALL 9) Have you stopped .... guitar lessons?  a) GOING TO b) TO GO TO 10) I gave up..... Japanese. a) LEARNING b) TO LEARN


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