1) If a burglar breaks into your house, always hand ... your valuables. a) out b) over c) on d) into 2) Keep your mobile phones switched ... at night. a) on b) off c) out d) of 3) I ran ... an old friend at the supermarket yesterday. a) over b) out of c) into d) on 4) We ran out ... milk, so can you buy some when you're at the supermarket. a) in b) of c) on d) after 5) My sister and her friends hang ... at the shopping centre. a) over b) into c) on d) out 6) I saw a policeman running ... a robber. a) into b) after c) over d) out of 7) If a burglar breaks ... your house, don't put up a fight. a) into b) out of c) on d) off 8) Turn ... an alarm system when you leave home. a) off b) on c) into d) over 9) Do you still hang ... with the same guys? a) over b) in c) on d) out 10) Hand ... the money, or I will kill you! a) into b) over c) out d) on

Phrasal Verbs Spotlight 7, Module 1


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