1) Nelly denied_________ the window. a) breaking b) to break c) break 2) I suggested __________to the party. a) to go b) going c) to went 3) He told me __________ in class. a) not to shout b) to not shout c) to don't shout 4) She admitted____ a) making a mistake. b) (that) she had made a mistake. c) to make a mistake  5) They apologized _________ late. a) for be b) for being c) were 6) She promised me ______ a new book a) that she would buy b) buying c) to buy 7) He asked me where ___________ a) my brother lived b) lived my brother c) did my brother live 8) She asked me __________ the exam a) if I had passed b) if did I pass c) did I pass d) I passed 9) My sister refused _____ me. a) to help b) helping c) not to help 10) My friend persuaded me ________ a) that I call my ex b) calling my ex c) to call my ex d) to calling my ex 


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