1) I know a great restaurant __________ we can have lunch a) where b) that c) when d) what 2) Students _______ study hard get good grades. a) which b) whose c) where d) that 3) Food _____ is imported from other countries is expensive. a) which b) where c) what d) who 4) The bad weather is the reason __________ I was late for class yesterday. a) when b) whom c) why d) what 5) The cookies _________ you baked are really delicious. a) when b) where c) which d) why 6) My grandfather remembers the time _______ there was no television. a) where b) what c) when d) that 7) I visited my uncle ________ lives in a different city. a) who b) whose c) what d) where 8) the movie _____ we saw last week won three awards. a) who b) when c) that d) where 9) Do you know the reason ______ there are no penguins at the North Pole? a) when b) because c) why d) which 10) He had a feeling __________ something terrible was going to happen. a) that b) when c) who d) which 11) I want to borrow the book _________ you bought last month. a) which b) when c) who d) whose 12) My home is a place _________ I can go to relax every day. a) where b) when c) what d) whose 13) Most of the people __________ she met were from Sydney. a) that b) where c) what d) whose


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