1) You've got a ____________ in me. a) buddy b) friend 2) When the road looks rough ahead ________ you're miles and miles from your nice warm _________. a) but, room b) and, bed 3) You just remember what your old _____ said, boy you've got a friend in me. a) pal b) boy 4) You've got ___________, I've got 'em too. a) troubles b) problems 5) We stick together ______ we see it through. a) but b) and 6) Some other _______ might be a little bit smarter than I am bigger ______ stronger too a) people, but b) folks, and 7) But none of them will ever _________ you the way I do a) care b) love 8) It's me ________ you, ________. a) and, boy  b) but, friend 9) Our __________ will never die. a) love b) friendship 10) You're gonna see it's our ____________. a) destiny b) time

English Year 3 Listening Activity: Can you finish the lyrics to "You've Got A Friend In Me?" song from Toy Story movie.

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