Are you a social person? How much time do you spend with people every week?, Are you a good friend? Why or why not?, Do you mind being alone sometimes? For example, would you go to a movie by yourself? Or do you always try to invite friends?, What activities do you usually do when you meet friends?, Which of your friends have you known the longest? When did you first meet and how close are you now?, How do you prefer to keep in touch with friends? Do you call, chat online, exchange text messages, or write letters?, Who is your closest friend? How open and honest are you with each other?, What would you do if you had friends who didn't like each other? Would you encourage them to get along, or just meet them separately?, Have you ever met a person and become friends very quickly? What makes some people connect immediately?, Do you have any friends from a different culture or country than you? Do your differences make it harder to be friends?, Do you have any pen pals? How did you first begin to communicate?, Is it possible for men and women to be friends? Or do romantic feelings always get in the way?, Do men or women make better friends? Does one gender have better friendships?, Some married people say their husband or wife is also their best friend. What do you think about this?, In some cultures, friendship networks are important for doing business and getting jobs. How about in your culture?, Are you and your friends competitive with each other? In which areas do you compete?, Is there a maximum number of friends one person can have? How many friends do you think you could have before it became too difficult to keep in touch with them or keep track of their lives?, Have you ever helped a friend when they really needed help? What happened?, Do you have any friends who are much older or younger than you? Is age important in a friendship?.

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