1) WHAT'S THE KING'S NAME? a) BAKONZI b) KAMBOGO c) JIM 2) Where did Uncle Jack and the children go to? a) They went to Umusurirabakonzi. b) They went to their home. c) They went to Rwanda. 3) In the deep green forest, What can you see? a) Ants, Monkeys, Snakes and Spiders. b) Take photos, climb up and swing from trees. 4) What does Umusurirabakonzi mean? a) An amazing tree. b) A smelly tree. c) A big tree. 5) The King wasn't feeling well. He had a.... a) Headache b) Stomachache c) Earache d) Sore throat 6) What did the king ask for uncle Jack? a) A bark from the tree. b) A fruit from the tree. c) A leaf from the tree. 7) Who is Winnie? a) Uncle's Jack niece. b) The woman that helped uncle Jack. 8) What did the two bad man do after they tried to cut the tree? a) Cut the tree. b) Ran away. c) Waited. 9) How many people were there in the hot air balloon? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 10) Do you remember the children's name? a) Daisy, May and April. b) Daisy, May and Jim. c) Daisy, Grumpy and Jack.




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