1) The mouse is ... (small) than the cat.  a) smaller b) smaler c) more small 2) The puppy is ... (big) than the rabbit.  a) biger b) bigger c) more big d) the biggest e) the most biggest 3) The car is ______ (expensive) than the bike. a) expensiver b) more expensiver c) more expensive  d) the most expensive e) expensivest 4) Your car is ... (fast) than mine! a) faster b) fastter c) more faster d) the most fastest e) the fastest 5) Pandas are ... (slow) than camels. a) slower b) slow c) more slow d) the slowest e) the more slowest 6) Giraffes are ... (tall) than hippos. a) taller b) more tall c) tall d) the most tallest 7) Dolphins are ____ ( clever) animals in the world. a) the cleverest b) more clever c) cleverer d) the most clever e) the least clever 8) Penguins are _____ (good) swimmers in the animal world. a) the best b) better c) gooder d) more good e) the most best 9) Kangaroos are ____ (interesting) animals in the zoo. a) interesting b) more interesting c) the most interesting d) least interesting 10) Bushes are ... (short) than trees.  a) short b) shorter c) more short 11) Art is ____ ( important) than Maths. a) less important b) the least important c) importanter d) the most important 12) My mother is ______ (good) mother in the world. a) the best b) the gooddest c) the most good d) more worse 13) My dad is _____ (busy) than my mum. a) more busy b) busier c) busyier 14) I am ______ (relaxed) in my class. a) the more relaxed b) more relaxed c) the most relaxed 15) He knows English _______ (bad) than Russian. a) worse b) the worst c) more worse 16) My granny is _______ (kind) in the world! a) the kinder b) the most kindest c) the kindest

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