You go to school every morning at 7:15 am , He never forgets his wrench at his mother's house, The train does not leave at 9:00 am it leaves after midday , Where is dad? He is washing the dishes in the kitchen , Every twelve months the Earth circles the sun, that's a fact! , She is trying to understand English like a native person i'm impressed! , He never watches the same episode more than once , It's snowing outside! come look quickly , what a view! , Their boss is pushing them 24 hours a day! That's why they are working a lot, She's trying to get along with her colleagues these days , I am watching a very interesting movie right now , We're making dinner and washing the cutlery at once! , My mom is roasting okra & cabbage with olive oil I love it!, Paul usually travels around the world , such a lucky guy! , I'm helping john with the homework , wait a second! .

Simple Present & Continous - NTE



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