LatitudePlace further ____ are colder as the sun’s rays are more ____ so are weaker. At the equator, the sun's rays are more direct so receive ____ sunlight all year so are ____ AspectAspect is the ____ in which the land faces. Places facing ____ are warmer than those facing north because: ■ they are facing the ____, and ■ they are sheltered from cold ____ winds. Altitude Temperatures decrease by 1 °C for every ____ metres in height. Places higher up are ____ as there is ____ air to hold the heat. Distance from seaPlaces near the ____ heat up more ____ in summer and cool down more slowly in ____ because water ____ to heat up than land and holds onto ____ longer. Ocean CurrentsPlaces near warm ocean currents (____) have ____ climates than those near cold currents (____) as it brings ____ water from the equator.

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