1) The boy _________some money from his mother’s purse. a) stole b) robbed c) vandalised 2) Somebody________ the shop last night and took all the new stock a) stole b) robbed c) mugged 3) The police ________ Jim of taking the money. a) charged b) arrested c) suspected 4) He was __________ of dangerous driving. a) convicted b) arrested c) sentenced 5) The kids who ___________ the property are now having to repair it at the weekends. a) mugged b) vandalised c) burgled 6) He was _________ to three months in prison for his crime. a) sentenced b) accused c) charged 7) They had to pay a _________ for driving too fast on the motorway. a) charge b) fine c) punishment 8) The police committed / sentenced / charged them with stealing. The police __________ them with stealing.  a) commited b) sentenced c) charged 9) I've heard he is the ___________ who stole the clothes from the shop. a) mugger b) vandal c) shoplifter 10) Be careful of _______ while you walk downtown a) robbers b) pickpockets c) shoplifter




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