1) The stress response includes both physical and psychological responses. Which of these are psychological responses to stress? a) hopelessness b) agitation c) increased HR d) Muscle Aches 2) What is a symptom of depresseion? a) Thoughts of suicide b) risky behavior c) pica d) restrictive food intake 3) What eating disorder leads to purging? a) Binge Eating b) Bulimia Nervosa c) Rumination Disorder d) Anorexia Nervosa 4) What is an example of non verbal communication? a) Eye Contact b) Showing Interest c) Interrupting 5) Apathy is: a) Lack of Interest b) Compassion for someone c) General Concern 6) Physical Responses to Stress a) Increased HR b) Sweating c) Mood Swings 7) COPE stands for a) Change, Organize, Practice, Emotions b) Change, Organize, Play and Emotions 8) Signs of depression include a) Risky Behavior b) Sadness c) Interest in new things



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