1) When I first met Mattie, he 1) (play) __________ cards with some of his friends. a) played b) was playing c) has played d) did play 2) This is a quiet young boy and not at all what I expected from a fishing champion. Mattie 2) (teach) __________ fishing by his father, John, when he was nine. a) taught b) had taught c) was taught d) has been taught 3) Before he started fishing by himself, he 3) (join) __________ his father on numerous fishing excursions. a) joined b) had joined c) was joined d) did join 4) So then it seemed to come so naturally to him... "I 4) (can) ___________ catch my first fish after about four minutes. My father was really envious," he laughs. a) can b) could c) did can d) would 5) His father says, “He 5) (always / have) ___________ a great technique, enormous patience and, most importantly, he is always ready to listen and learn.” a) is always have b) always had c) has always had d) had always 6) When the stray dog Laika 1) (walk) ____________ along the streets of Moscow, she was chosen to become one of the most famous dogs in the world. a) walked b) was walked c) walks d) was walking 7) On 3rd November 1957 she 2) (send) ____________ into space and became the first living creature to orbit the Earth. a) is sending b) was sending c) was sent d) was send 8) Some scientists used 3) (think) ____________ humans would be unable to survive the conditions of outer space, so engineers believed flights by animals were a necessary precursor to human missions. a) think b) thought c) to think d) to thinking 9) However, Laika did not come back to have her photograph taken. After she 4) (spend) _____________ a few hours in space, she died aboard the spaceship Sputnik 2. a) had spent b) has spent c) was spending d) spent 10) One of the scientists responsible for sending Laika into space said: “If someone suggested sending an animal into space again, I 5) (not do) _______________ it.” a) won't do b) wouldn't do c) didn't do d) doesn't do


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