1) He ... pasta. a) don't like b) doesn't like c) don't likes d) doesn't likes 2) My brother ... soup. a) like b) likes c) don't like d) doesn't like 3) Tom and Ted ... a robot. a) have b) has c) have got d) has got 4) My mum .... at school. a) work b) works c) have d) has 5) Mike ... play football. a) can b) can't 6) .... five girls in the room. a) There is b) There are 7) Kira ... like basketball. a) hasn't b) doesn't c) isn't 8) .... milk in the fridge a) There is b) There are c) There isn't d) There aren't 9) The girls ..... a ball. a) have got b) has got c) haven't got d) hasn't got 10) .... she live in Poland? a) Does b) Can c) Have d) Is 11) ..... you play the drums? a) Have b) Can c) Are 12) .... a pen in your bag? a) Have b) Can c) Is there d) Do 13) ... she got a horse? a) Has b) Does c) Is 14) .... they work in a restaurant? a) Have b) Are c) Do 15) .... you swim? a) Have b) Are c) Can 16) ... a book on the table? a) Have b) Is there c) Is 17) ... he got a new car? a) Has b) Can c) Does 18) ... she eat fish? a) Is b) Have c) Does 19) ... students in this classroom? a) Have b) Can c) Are there 20) .... they got a big house? a) Have b) Are c) Do 21) ... your brother drink coffee? a) Do b) Does c) Have

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