What do you think the weather will be tomorrow? Give your prediction., What are you going to do tomorrow? Describe your plans., Where do you see yourself ten years from now? Explain., Do you think doctors will clone people in the future? If so, do you agree? Explain., Will pollution make the Earth uninhabitable? Discuss., Do you think scientists will find a cure for AIDS and cancer?, Do you think people will live longer? What is positive or negative about it?, Will robots ever replace humans? If so, in what way?, Do you think the world will be better or worse for future generations? Explain., How do you think your country will change in the future?, How will transportation and travel change in the future? Give your views., Do you think aliens will ever visit the Earth? When? What will happen?, What kind of job would you like to do in the future? How much will you earn?, Do you believe in fortune tellers or horoscopes? Why or why not?, What new inventions would you like to see in the future? Give reasons., Do you think you will ever travel, live or work abroad? Talk about it., What humans will look like in the future?, What will houses look like in the future?, How will food change in the future?, Will family structure be different?, How will your business area evolve?, How do you think the TV series you are watching now will end?, Will scientists ever discover life on other planets?, What will you do when you graduate/ retire?, What are you going to study in the future?, What are you going to do tonight?, Where are you going to go on holiday?, What comes to mind when you think about future?, What will the world's biggest problem be in the future?, What does the past teach us about the future?, What are your plans for the immediate, near and far future?, When you were younger, what did you think about your future?.


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