1) Shopping baskets are ... than shopping trolleys. a) smaller b) bigger c) the smallest 2) 2 This T-shirt is ... than that small one. It’s an XXL! a) the biggest b) bigger c) more bigger 3) 3 This book isn’t interesting. I think it’s ... book in the world! a) more boring b) the boringest c) the most boring 4) 4 This bag is small and expensive. It’s ... bag in the shop. a) the smallest and most expensive b) expensiver and smaller c) smaller and the most expensive 5) 5 There aren’t any cars in the mountains. It’s ... there than in the city. a) quiet b) the quitest c) quieter 6) 6 I like these shoes but they are ... than my old ones. I can’t pay a) more expensive b) most expensive c) the most expensive

Comparative and superlative adjectives unit 2.2


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