Are you good at cooking?What kind of food do you like cooking? Who do you cook for?When?, Is there any comfort food that you eat when you feel sad,angry or tired?, Are you trying to cut down or do you think you should cut down on anything at the moment? Why?, Has your diet got better or worse in the las few years?, Talk about your closest relative. What´s he/she like? Why do you like him/her?What do you have in common?, Talk about a time you behaved badly to a sibling or friend., What would you do if you inherited a lot of money?, Have you ever bought anything and then regretted it?What was it? Why didn´t you like it?, When was the last time you went to an ATM? Did you have to queue for a long time?, Do you support or work for a charity?, What´s the most dangerous things drivers do when they´re driving? Have you ever done it?, What sports did you use to do when you were at secondary school? Do you think you're fit enough to practise it now?, Do you think PE should be optional or compulsary at secondary school? Why?, How did you meet your best friend /partner?, Do you have a profile photo that you use on social media ? Can you describe it?.


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