What’s your favourite sport? Why?, How will English be useful to you in the future?, What do you like doing when you are at home?, Tell us about the area where you live, Would you like to try a new sport?, Have you ever had a bad experience in a restaurant?, What do you like doing in your free time?, What kind of clothes do you like wearing?, Which sports do you enjoy playing or watching?, Tell us about a good friend of yours, What have you done lately that makes you happy?, Tell us about a country you would like to visit, Tell us about the last film you saw., How do you usually feel about starting a new year?, What are you going to do this summer?, Tell us about where you would like to go on holiday. Why?, Tell us about the food you enjoy eating, What do you usually eat for dinner on Saturdays?, Tell us about what you enjoy doing with your Friends or family, Tell us about a normal day in your life., Tell us about your house., How many hours a week do you study/work?, what do you like doing for your birthday?, What did you do last weekend?, What will happen if you don't pass this exam?, Where would you like to live if you had to choose?, if you could have one, which superpower would you choose?, Will your plans change if it rains tomorrow? how?.


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