1) We play hockey outside in ________. a) December b) May c) August 2) It's hot in ______. a) January b) April c) July 3) We can swim in the Black sea in _______. a) March b) February c) November d) August 4) April is a _____ month. a) winter b) spring c) autumn d) summer 5) It's cold in _____. a) June b) July c) January 6) It often rains in ______. a) October b) December c) March 7) We go to school in ____. a) July b) August c) September 8) December, January and February are ____ months. a) summer b) spring c) winter d) autumn 9) We can play soccer outside in _____. a) June b) December c) February 10) Trees are green in _____. a) November b) May c) October 11) October is a(n) _____ month. a) spring b) autumn c) summer d) winter 12) It often snows in _____. a) February b) May c) August d) September e) July f) April



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