quest for information - Scientists are always on a _______________., a thunderous roar - There was _______ as the volcanoerupted., gasp for air - As soon as I came out of the water I had to ____________ because I had run out of oxygen under water., ever-thickening ash  - Pompeii was covered by ___________ when Vesuvius erupted., drill holes - When you _________ in the wall, be careful not to hit a pipe., desperate attempt - The athlete made a ___________ to win the race but he only came second., perfectly preserved body - They found the ___________ of a mammoth in the ice., provide evidence for - The bodies could _____________ when and how they died., excavation sites - Archaeologists are working at the ____________ to find all the dinosaur bones., set up a project - They __________ to help the endangered animals in the area., a pumice stone - You can get ____________ to rub the hard skin, grove of trees - The escaped prisoners hid in the small ______________.,


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