1) I ________ a shower when you called me. a) were having b) was having c) having 2) Francis _________ _________ the piano at night. He's really good at this! a) plays usually b) play c) usually plays 3) I _______ some burgers right now. a) am eating b) eating c) eat 4) She _____________ her favourite film at the cinema. a) have never saw b) has never seen c) has never saw 5) This is ______________ song I've ever heard. a) the best b) the better c) better 6) I think hares _________________ than turtles. a) is fast b) is faster c) are faster 7) This summer __________________ to the beach with my family and friends. I'm so excited! a) I'm go b) I going c) I'm going 8) I promise you __________ your secret! a) I'll keep b) I am going to keep c) I keeping 9) My teacher ________ me a lot of homework last week! I feel tired now. a) gived b) gives c) gave 10) He _________ a lot in the morning, and ________ at night. a) studies / sleeps b) studyes / sleeps c) study / sleep


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