1) Yesterday, I .... to school. a) go b) goed c) went 2) Yesterday, I.... a hamburger. a) eat b) ate c) eated 3) Yesterday, I .... a dinosaur. a) see b) seed c) saw 4) Yesterday, we ...... Science. a) studied b) study c) studyied 5) Yesterday, my dad ..... TV. a) watch b) watched c) wotch 6) Yesterday, the boys ..... soccer. a) played b) play c) plaied 7) Yesterday, I ...... go to the cinema. a) not b) don't c) didn't 8) Yesterday, my mom .... to the supermarket. a) go b) goed c) went 9) Yesterday, my sister..... piano. a) play b) plays c) played 10) Yesterday, I ..... sushi. a) ate b) eat c) ote




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