1) Which of these is NOT a Yellow Zone emotion? a) Silly b) Frustrated c) Calm d) Worried 2) True or False: I should always try not to be in the yellow zone. a) True b) False 3) Which of these situations might need a Yellow Zone strategy? a) You are having fun playing basketball with a friend after school b) You are having a dance-off with your cousins at your birthday party. c) You were worried that you lost you cat, but then you hear the jingle of her collar. d) Your teacher gave you a brain break where you were running in place dodging pretend snowballs. Now you're out of breath and need to start your science assignment. 4) You are beginning to feel upset because the person next to you keeps kicking your chair even though you've asked them once to stop. What strategy could you use? a) Ask the teacher if you change your seat for now. Then later, have a conversation with the student and come up with a solution together. b) Yell, "STOP KICKING MY CHAIR!!!!!" c) Pretend you don't notice him kicking the chair and just deal with it. d) Get up and walk out of the room. 5) When you're in the yellow zone your brain... a) Is a little fuzzy b) Is calm and ready c) Is not able to make any good decisions d) Is a little out of control e) A and B f) A and D 6) Which of these idioms sounds more like the Yellow Zone? a) I'm as cool as a cucumber b) I feel down in the dumps c) I feel like I have ants in my pants d) I feel like I am going to blow my top



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