1) Talk about yourself. 2) Are you hard-working person? How would you describe yourself? 3) Do you play any musical instrument? if not, would you like to play any? 4) Who do you get on best with in your family? Who do you usually have arguments with? 5) What was the worst thing you did when you were a child? 6) Where will you be in twenty years’ time? 7) What are your plans for the summer? 8) Have you ever eaten sushi? Did you like it? If not, would you like to try it? 9) What will you do if you fail your final exam? 10) What would you do if you found $1000 on the street? 11) Talk about your ideal holiday. (Using would because it's an imaginary situation) 12) Have you ever been to a live concert? Talk about it. If not, would you like to go? whose concert would you go to? 13) What are you doing on Christmas day? Are you going somewhere? 14) Will you study at University in the future? Why (not)? 15) Can you compare staying at a hotel with going camping for a holiday? 16) What holiday activities do you most enjoy doing? Which ones do you hate? 17) What types of clothes do you like wearing? Describe your style. 18) Who has been your favourite teacher so far? Can you describe him/her, please? 19) A LITTLE TROUBLE IN AMSTERDAM:Who is Van Noordwyk? 20) A LITTLE TROUBLE IN AMSTERDAM:Where does Mary find the painting? 21) A LITTLE TROUBLE IN AMSTERDAM:How do they escape from the room in the house? 22) A LITTLE TROUBLE IN AMSTERDAM:Why is the family in Amsterdam? Where is Andy and Mary's dad? 23) A LITTLE TROUBLE IN AMSTERDAM:What do you think about the story? 24) A LITTLE TROUBLE IN AMSTERDAM: Who was your favourite character? Why?




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