1) What's your perfect weather for X-mas / NY? 2) What do you know about Santa Claus? 3) What do you usually do on winter holidays? 4) What did you do last X-mas / NY? 5) Why is X-mas celebrated all around the world? 6) Has your family done the X-mas/NY shopping yet? What did you buy? 7) How many presents do you usually get for X-mas / NY? 8) What is the worst present you've received for X-mas / NY? 9) What is the best present you've received for X-mas / NY? 10) What is the difference between Russian and Western X-mas? Why is Russian X-mas different? 11) What do you eat when you celebrate X-mas / NY? 12) Why might some people hate X-mas / NY? 13) When do you open the presents on a X-mas/NY day? 14) When does your family decorate the X-mas tree? Do you put up a natural or an artificial X-mas tree? 15) Which X-mas / NY night do you remember the most and why? 16) Was this year better or worse than last year? How come?


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