What do you use your phone for? How often?, Can you remember your first cell phone?, Are you happy with the cell phone you have now? Why (not)?, What new functions would you like to see on cell phones?, What would you do if your date spent more time on his/her phone than he/she spent talking to you?, Do young people use mobile telephones too much?, From what age do you think children should have a mobile phone?, How different would be your life without a cell phone?, Have your parents ever been angry with you because of your phone use?, Are you allowed to have your mobile telephone switched on in class?, Do you ever switch off your cell phone? How often? Why?, Do you talk on your cell phone in taxi? On a bus? Is it polite to do so?, Do you prefer talking on the phone or texting? Why?, Do you think cell phones can be dangerous? How?, How will phones look like in the future?, How did you communicate with your friends and family before smartphones?, How important is your mobile phone in your business and personal life?, Do you use a special “language” for mobile phone text messages or do you use normal language?, What apps do you use the most?.

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