1) All my sisters are ......... eating pizza.  a) fond in b) fond of c) fond on d) fond from 2) I'm  ........seeing you at the open air concert.  a) looking forward b) looking forward of   c) looking forward to   d) looking forward on  3) I'm so   ...... taking part in the competition! a) excited in  b) excited on  c) excited about  d) excited of 4) I'm ...... dancing hip-hop. a) keen on b) keen of c) keen off d) keen at 5) Don't relax! ..... looking for him. a) Carry at b) Carry of c) Carry on   d) Carry out 6) I ... painting. a) took in b) took on c) took of d) took up 7) Don't stop! ... reading. a) Go in b) Go on c) Go up  d) Go with 8) What`s the ........ reading this novel? a) use of b) use with c) use on d) use in 9) I have ........ writing essays. a) difficulty with b) difficulty out c) difficulty at d) difficulty in

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