1) Does ________ share your bedroom with you? a) someone b) anyone c) no one d) everyone 2) Is there _________ you need from the shop? a) anything b) something c) everything d) nothing 3) I’m very hungry but I’ve got _____ to eat. a) something b) everything c) nothing d) anything 4) _______ in my class likes taking photographs. They prefer videos. a) Someone b) Anyone c) Everyone d) No one 5) _______ in the magazine is excellent! a) Anything b) Nothing c) Something d) Everything 6) _______ had a good time reading your blog. It was awesome! a) Anybody b) Everybody c) Nobody d) Somebody 7) Do you know _____ about writing blogs? a) anything b) nothing c) something d) everything 8) Do you know ________ who has got two mirrors in their bedroom? a) someone b) no one c) everyone d) anyone 9) We don’t know _______ we can go to play the drums. a) everywhere b) somewhere c) anywhere d) nowhere 10) My best friend told me ______ new about a magazine yesterday. a) anything b) something c) everything d) nothing 11) There’s _____ who can drive in my class. a) anyone b) everyone c) no one d) someone 12) Have you got _____ interesting to write in your diary? a) something b) everything c) anything d) nothing 13) ______ came to class yesterday because it was a holiday. a) Anyone b) Everyone c) No one d) Someone 14) Is there ______ I can do to help you? a) something b) anything c) nothing d) everything

Gram: every, some, no, any


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