1) It’s a big grey animal that has a horn on its nose. a) rhino b) snake c) kangaroo 2) This huge animal has got tusks, trunk and very big ears. a) tiger b) elephant c) lion 3) This animal has one or two humps, is usually brown and lives in deserts. a) deer b) bear c) camel 4) This animal lives in the forest. It has horns. a) hippo b) deer c) monkey 5) This animal is like a horse. It has white and black stripes and lives in Africa a) zebra b) leopard c) horse 6) This cute animal lives in Australia. It likes eucaliptus leaves. a) giraffe b) dolphine c) koala 7) This animal lives in the ocean. It has fins. It is so friendly! a) shark b) dolphin c) fox


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