What subject do you find the most difficult? - The most difficult subject for me is History. I’m very bad at memorizing dates and names., How much time do you need to do your homework? - It usually takes me about 4 hours to do my homework., Who helps you to do your homework? - Nobody usually helps me with my homework. I’m not very good at Chemistry and sometimes I ask my friends to help me., What do you do to improve your English? - To improve the listening skill I listen to the radio programs, songs of my favourite bands and singers and watch films in English., Do you use the Internet when you do your homework? What for? - I sometimes use the Internet to do my homework. When I’m preparing a school project I look for the information in the Internet, What would you recommend to a student who wants to spend less time on her or his homework? - I would recommend to this student to limit the time for his/her homework. If we have less time to do something we work faster and more effectively., How many exams are you going to take this year? - This year I’m taking 4 State General Exams: in Russian, English, Maths and Social Studies. I enjoy taking exams because they’re a great mental challenge. Exams motivate me to study harder and take responsibility for all the results, but for some of my friends and classmates, all the exams are very stressful and difficult., What language apart from English would you like to learn and why? - I would like to know English perfectly but also I’m interested in other languages too. As the second foreign language I would choose French/Italian. I like the way it sounds. Also, I’m sure that Asian languages will be important in the business world in the future, so I would like to be able to speak Chinese too.,

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