1) to have a high standard of _________ a) car b) education c) fortune d) salary e) life f) family 2) to have more money than _________ a) health b) sense c) books d) life e) toys f) love 3) to be worth a _________ a) money b) fortune c) million d) penny e) life f) sense 4) to be _________ of money a) plenty b) enough c) glad d) sad e) stolen f) short 5) to be a bit ________ of money this month a) busy b) burn c) made d) short e) without f) cut 6) to be in _________ a) danger b) family c) city d) sense e) debt f) life 7) to __________ your money where your mouth is a) put b) get c) save  d) take e) keep f) feel 8) to live on a _________ a) salary b) life c) tight budget d) sense e) debt f) fortune 9) to have money to ________ a) spend b) burn c) waist d) send e) earn f) lose 10) Money makes the ____________ go around a) people b) Earth c) plans d) world e) planes f) humanity 11) to live within your_________ a) means b) budget c) wallet d) life e) sense f) fortune 12) Money doesn’t grow on _____________ a) bushes b) grass c) field d) pocket e) porch f) trees

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