1) Do you usually go out on Saturday night? What do you do? 2) Do you play a musical instrument? What instrument do you play? 3) Do you get up late on Sundays? What time do you get up? 4) Do you watch a lot of TV? What progremmes do you watch? 5) How do you relax in the evenings? 6) Do you go shopping at the weekend? 7) When do you ususally meet your friends? 8) Do you cook? What's your speciality? 9) Do you do sport? What sport dp you do? 10) What do you never do at the weekend? 11) When do you study English at home? 12) Where do you usually go in the summer holidays? 13) Do you listen to music? What music? 14) Do you read e-books? When do you usually read?

EF Beginner Unit 7a Free time questionary


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