1) ____ is your favourite footballer? - It's Ronaldo. a) Who b) What c) Which 2) _____ sport do you like? - I really like ice skating. a) Where b) Why c) What 3) _____ do you like ice skating? - Because it's exciting. a) Why b) How c) What 4) ____ old is your cat? - It's three years old. a) Who b) How c) What 5) ___ is your birthday? - It's on 13th of April a) Where b) When c) What 6) ___ is he? - He's my cousin. a) Who b) Why c) What 7) ___ do you like animals? - Because they're nice. a) When b) Why c) Which 8) __ do you go to the stadium? - Because I want to play sport a) Why b) How c) Where 9) ___many friends have you got? - I've got one. a) Who b) How c) Whic 10) ___ do you go after school? - I go home a) When b) Where c) How 11) ____ do you have picnics? - At the park a) when b) where c) why




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