1) She (to study) English every day. a) study b) to studys c) studies d) to study 2) I (to like) classical music. a) to likes b) likes c) to like d) like 3) My brother (to be) a student. He (to go) to school. a) bes, goes b) is, goes c) to be, to go d) is, gos 4) Michael always (to do) his homework. a) dos b) to does c) to dos d) does 5) My sister often (to read) a book before she (to go) to bed. a) reads, gos b) read, go c) reads, goes d) does reads, does goes 6) (The girl to sing) well? a) The girl singes b) Does the girl sings c) Does the girl sing d) Do the girl sing 7) These women (to want) to be doctors. a) wants b) to want c) wantes d) want 8) My daughter (to get up) at 7 o'clock in the morning. a) to gets up b) gets up c) get ups d) get up 9) Our father (to finish) his work at 6 o'clock in the evening. a) finishes b) to finish c) finishs d) does finish 10) Mark (to be) my best friend. a) bes b) am c) is d) are 11) Her husband (to have) breakfast at six every morning. a) haves b) has c) have d) is have 12) Lisa (not to need) to hurry because she (to be) very organized. a) don't need, does be b) doesn't needs, is c) not needs, bes d) doesn't need, is 13) My children always (to make) dinner for me. They (to be) very nice. a) make, are b) makes, is c) do make, do be d) does make, does be 14) What time (you to have) your English classes? a) do have you b) you have c) do you have d) does you have 15) Policemen (not usually to work) at home. a) usually don't work b) doesn't usually work c) don't usually work d) usually not work 16) (a lot of tourists to come) to this restaurant? a) Do come a lot of tourists b) Does a lot of tourist come c) A lot of tourists come d) Do a lot of tourists come 17) We (not to go) to the gym, we (to exercise) at home. a) don't go, exercise b) doesn't go, exercises c) don't go, do exercise d) go do not, do exercise 18) (you to want) to have a coffee? a) You want b) Do you want c) Are you want d) Do you wants 19) Anna (not to do) housework during the week. a) doesn't b) don't does c) doesn't do d) don't 20) (your parents to live) in a small town? a) Does your parents live b) Your parents live c) Do your parents live d) Are your parents live


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