1) Now: People... a) travel by car b) traveled by car c) traveling by car d) going to travel by car 2) Long ago: People... a) have oil lamps b) having oil lamps c) had oil lamps d) are going to have oil lamps 3) Now: People... a) are going to have electric lights b) had electric lights c) are having electric lights d) have electric lights 4) Long ago: People... a) listen to the radio b) listened to the radio c) are listening to the radio d) are going to listen to the radio 5) Now: People... a) wash clothes in a washing machine b) washed clothes in a washing machine c) are washing clothes in a washing machine d) are going to wash clothes in a washing machine 6) Now: People... a) are having a cell phone b) had a cell phone c) have a cell phone d) are going have a cell phone 7) Long ago: People... a) had a phone with operator b) had phone with an operator c) are having a phone with an operator d) had a phone with an operator 8) Long ago: People... a) cooked on a coal stove b) cooked a coal stove c) cooked coal stove d) cooking on a coal stove 9) Now: People... a) listen to an mp3 player b) listen an mp3 player c) listen mp3 player d) listened to an mp3 player 10) Long ago: People... a) traveled by horse buggy b) traveled horse and buggy c) traveled by horse and buggy d) traveled by horse buggy 11) Long ago: People... a) wash clothes by hand b) washed clothes by hand c) washed clothes hand d) washing clothes by hand 12) Now: People... a) cooked in a microwave b) cook in microwave c) cook a microwave d) cook in a microwave 13) Did people have phones in 1940? a) Yes, they didn't. b) Yes, they did. c) Yes, they do. d) Yes. 14) Did people have videogames in 70 years ago? a) No, they don't. b) No, they did. c) No, they didn't. d) Yes, they didn't. 15) My grandma...to school by bike a) used to b) uses to c) use to d) using to 16) People...cook in a microwave in 1970. a) didn't used to b) used didn't to c) did use to d) didn't use to 17) ...people...listen to MP3 players in the past? a) Did...used to b) Did...use to c) Did...using to d) Did...use 18) ...people...have 3D cinema theaters 50 years ago? a) Do...used to b) Did...used c) Did...used to d) Did...use to 19) Did your mom have a car when she was at school? a) No, she didn't. She has a bike. b) No, she didn't. She had a bike. c) No, she did. She had a bike. d) No, she doesn't. She had a bike. 20) People...letters. a) used to write letters b) used to wrote letters c) use to write letters d) didn't to write letters




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