1) Grandma _____________ a cake. a) are make b) is making c) is make 2) They ________________ the car. a) are washing b) is washing c) are wash 3) Her horse ____________ the fence. a) am jumping b) are jumping c) is jumping 4) Rapunzel _______________ her long hair. a) is brushing b) is brush c) are brushing 5) I __________________ my sandwich. a) is eating b) am eating c) eating 6) The baby ____________ to swim. a) learn b) is learning c) am learning 7) The photographer ______________ photos to the baby. a) are taking b) am taking c) is taking 8) The bride ______________ to the altar. a) is walking b) is walk c) are walking 9) The guests _______________ the cake. a) are eating b) am eating c) is eating 10) I ______________ TV with my family. a) are watching b) am watching c) is watching


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