1) Tom______worked in a factory for years. a) has b) have c) is 2) Lisa and her Polly______been friends since 2002. a) has b) hasn't c) have 3) My brother____ finished his homework. a) haves b) has c) have 4) Monic has ____ French since 2018. a) study b) studies c) studied 5) Dan_____never seen horror films. a) has b) have c) haven't 6) They_____eaten ice-cream since last summer. a) haven't b) 's c) has 7) Susan has never _______to Camilo. a) listen b) listening c) listened 8) I____ been on a rollercoaster. a) has b) have c) am 9) They have_____to London. a) been b) are c) go 10) She_____travelled by plane. a) has b) have c) having




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