1) Mary's favorite ...is English a) group b) grade c) subject 2) Bill ...his homework in his room. a) do b) does c) doing 3) Sue has got two..in her pencil case. a) pens b) pen c) eraser 4) Jane and Polly ...in the same class. a) is b) isn't c) are 5) There's a painting ...the wall. a) on b) in c) to 6) Miss Smith has got ...atlas on her desk. a) a b) an c) two 7) Hi David. ...are you from? a) When b) Where c) Who 8) This is Mike and Carla's car. It's ...car. a) they're b) there c) their 9) David has got a new ...in his kitchen. a) cooker b) wardrobe c) washbasin 10) My mum washes the dishes in the ... a) washbasin b) bath c) sink 11) The sofa is...the window. a) on b) under c) in 12) ...you got new trainers on? a) Do b) Are c) Have 13) Tim's a good student. He's ... a) noisy b) clever c) naughty 14) My baby sister...walk yet. a) can b) don't c) can't 15) Mark makes me laugh. He's so... a) funny b) noisy c) naughty 16) How are you? ...! a) Fine, thanks b) Nice to meet you c) See you later 17) Where are they from? They're from... a) Canadian b) American c) Japan 18) My mum is an actress. ...films are great! a) His b) She c) Her 19) This is my house. It belongs to ... a) my b) me c) them 20) How old the girls? ...12 and 14. a) Their b) There c) They're 21) Yes, there...five rooms in my flat. a) is b) aren't c) are 22) Miss Smith is British. ...from the UK. a) He's b) Her's c) She's 23) Patty and I are twins. ...birthday is on 6th May. a) US b) My c) Our 24) I take pictures with my ... a) camera b) CD c) watch 25) Polly ...a broken wing. a) has got b) have got c) is got 26) ...your home address? a) How's b) What's c) Where's 27) Where do you live? I live ...New York City. a) over b) in c) on 28) Fred is short and ... a) tall b) long c) plump 29) ...are his trainers. a) Those b) This c) That 30) A monkey can ...noisy. a) is b) are c) be 31) Nice to meet you, Greg. a) Nice to meet you, too. b) I'm fine, thanks 32) How can I help you? a) I want to buy a souvenir b) That's a good idea. 33) What have you got in your school bag? a) Those are pencils b) Some pencils 34) What do koalas look like? a) They have got round ears and a black nose b) They eat leaves 35) Whose basketball is this? a) It's Suzy's. b) Her name is John. 36) Where is the history lesson? a) It's on Monday b) It's in room A

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