Where do you live?, What do you do at weekends?, How often do you go to the cinema?, How many pairs of shoes do you have?, Why do you think English is important?, Where do you work?, Who do you talk to the most?, What time do you usually go to bed?, How often do you get your hair cut?, Are you reading a good book at the moment?, What are you having for dinner tonight?, What are you looking forward to?, What is a friend of yours probably doing right now?, What projects are you working on at home or at work?, What's happening in the news at the moment?, What are you wearing today?, What are you doing after this class?, What games did you play in the school playground?, What did you enjoy doing at school?, What was your favourite toy?, What did you have for breakfast this morning?, What was the last film you saw?, What did you last read?, Who did you last talk to on the phone?, What did you watch on TV last night?, What was the last photograph you took?, When did you last see the sea?, Did you buy anything last week? What?, What was the last meal you cooked?, What do you think will be different in 10 years' time?, Your Internet connection is down and won't come back up until next week. What will you do?, What do you plan to accomplish by the end of this year?, When is your birthday? Are you going to celebrate it?, Are you doing anything special next weekend?, What can you predict in your family's future?.


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