1) It’s a great movie. I have … that movie many times. a) SEE b) SAW c) SEEN 2) Have you … really strange or interesting food? a) EVER EATEN b) EAT c) NEVER EATEN 3) -… your brother talked to you yet? -Yes, he …. a) Has / did a) have b) Have / have  c) Has / has 4) My family and I … to many different countries around the world. a) have flown b) has flown c) flown 5) My sister … ridden a bicycle. She is afraid that she will fall off. a) never b) has never  c) has ever 6) -… you talked to Mr. Parfitt? -No, I …. a) Had / haven’t b) Have / haven’t  c) Have / didn’t 7) I’m sorry, but I … finished my homework yet a) have b) hasn’t c) haven’t 8) -… you finished your lunch yet? - Yes, I …. a) Has / has b) Has / have c) Have / have 9) Eva, Thomas, and Robert … Hong Kong many times. a) have been b) been  too c) have been to 10) I’ve cleaned the kitchen, but I … the living room yet. a) haven’t clean b) haven’t cleaned c) have cleaned




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