1) The boy _________ in the park. a) comes b) runs 2) The boy __________ in the pool. a) plays b) swims 3) The teacher __________ on the blackboard. a) writes b) reads 4) The woman ____________ a secret. a) draws b) tells 5) The girl will __________ a doctor. a) become b) come 6) The girl __________ a picture. a) writes b) draws 7) The children ___________ burgers. a) drink b) eat 8) The child __________ in the notebook. a) writes b) reads 9) We _________ a small dog. a) are b) have 10) The class _________ in the morning. a) goes b) begins 11) The students ___________ a piece of paper. a) cut b) draw 12) The mother _________ a cake. a) eats b) makes 13) I ________ the book on the shelf. a) read b) put 14) They _________ students. a) is b) are 15) The children _________ the book. a) read b) hear 16) We __________ some birds. a) touch b) see

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