1) What can you do in case of an earthquake? a) Run outside the bulding or place you are in b) keep calm and protect your head c) shout and don't move from where you are 2) What to do in case of a severe flood? a) evacuate if told to do so b) walk, swim and drive through flood c) do not stay off bridges over fast-moving water 3) What to do in case of a pandemic emergency? a) don't store additional supplies of food and water b) get copies and maintain electronic versions of health records from doctors, or authorities in charge c) Do not use a mask, approach to people to talk, get together in a party 4) What should you do in case of a blizzard? a) Don't stay indoor b) Take advantage to play outside c) do not drive at high speeds over the wet paviment 5) What shouldn't be done during a wildfire? a) If you see a fire don't report it b) shut off the gas c) don't make it easy for firefighters 6) What should you do in case of a Volcanic eruption? a) stay close to areas downwind from the volcano to avoid receive volcanic ash b) stay indoors until the ash has settled unless there isa danger of the roof collapsing c) do not use goggles nor eyeglasses instead of contact lenses .



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