1) In the morning I .... at 5am. a) wakes up b) wake up 2) At noon we ... at school. a) have lunch b) has lunch 3) In the afternoon they ... in the park. a) play football b) plays football 4) In the morning she ... in the kitchen. a) has breakfast b) have breakfast 5) At school we ... a lot. a) study b) studies 6) At night he ... very early. a) goes to bed b) go to bed 7) My cat ... a) play with the ball. b) plays with the ball. 8) In the evening, my parents ... before going to bed. a) watch TV b) watches TV 9) At night I ... a) don't watch TV. b) doesn't watch TV. 10) At night she ... a) doesn't take a shower. b) don't take a shower. 11) In the morning he ... a) don't brush his teeth. b) doesn't brush his teeth. 12) My sister ... a) don't take the bus to school. b) doesn't take the bus to school. 13) My family and I ... before going to school. a) don't play video games b) doesn't play videogames 14) ... you wake up early? a) Do b) Does 15) ... your sister make breakfast? a) Does b) Do 16) ... your dog sleep all day? a) Do b) Does


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