1) The rich man ____________ a new car last month.  a) buyed b) bought c) caught 2) The family ____________ to the beach next summer.  a) will go b) gone c) went 3) The man ______________ his car along that street frequently.  a) drive b) drives c) drove 4) The students ____________ happy in the school.  a) fall b) feel c) fallen 5) The girl _____________ the backpack in her house. a) forgot b) forgotten 6) The basketball players ________________ the game last night. a) losen b) lost c) lose 7) The cheff usually _____________ a delicious pizza. a) makes b) made c) put 8) The artist _____________ an sketch for his painting last winter. a) drew b) draw 9) The flowers ____________ in the garden. a) have b) grow c) grew 10) The teacher _____________ the names of the students in the school.  a) knows b) sends c) spreads 11) The artist _____________ a song in the concert yesterday. a) sing b) singed c) sang 12) The boy ______________ an astronaut when he grows up. a) come b) will become c) choose 13) The class ______________ at 7:30 a.m. today. a) did b) brought c) began 14) This knife doesn't ____________ very well. a) cut b) cuts c) cutted 15) The leaves ______________ from the trees in Autumn.  a) fallen b) fell c) fall 16) The airplane ____________ high in the sky. a) fly b) flies c) flew 17) I _____________ all my books in the shelf. a) keep b) lend c) lost 18) Where did you ___________ the car keys? a) put b) putted 19) The man _____________ a horse in the ranch. a) rides b) runs c) comes 20) Yesterday, we _____________ on the beach.  a) runned b) run c) ran 21) The friends ____________ a party last night. a) have b) had c) will have 22) What did you _____________ of the movie? a) think b) thinked c) thought 23) Alice ____________ early every night.  a) sleep b) sleeps c) slept 24) The student _______________ to do the homework. a) forgotten b) forget c) forgot 25) The students ______________ a letter to their mother on Mother's Day. a) wrote b) written c) will write

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