What time do you usually get up? , Where do you live?, Where are you from? , Are you Argentinian? , Are you a doctor? , Do you play any sport? , Do your friends like football? , What do you usually do on Sundays? , How do you go to work? , Are you studying English now? , Can you speak English? , Can you run very fast? , Can you swim? , Are there windows in your room? , Is there a big bed in your room? , Could you tell me the time, please? , Do you watch TV at night? , What are you doing now? , Are you working at the moment?, When is your birthday? , Are you married? , Are you single? , Is your daughter from Argentina? , What time do you go to bed? , Do you study English on Sundays? , Are you watching TV now? , What do you do? , Where do you usually go on holidays? , Can you cook? , What is your favourite city? .


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