sickening - very shocking, annoying, or upsetting; disgusting, squint - to look at something with your eyes partly closed in order to see better, release - to let someone go free, after having kept them somewhere, grim - making you feel worried or unhappy SYN harsh, scold - to angrily criticize someone, about something they have done SYN tell off, clumsy - moving or doing things in a careless way, especially so that you drop things, knock into things etc, palpable - a feeling that is so strong that other people notice it and can feel it around them, distraught - so upset and worried that you cannot think clearly, eager - very keen and excited about something that is going to happen or about something you want to do, apprehensive - worried or nervous about something that you are going to do, or about the future, sift - to examine information, documents etc carefully in order to find something out or decide what is important and what is not, defiant - clearly refusing to do what someone tells you to do, disposition - a particular type of character which makes someone likely to behave or react in a certain way, prominent - important; is easily seen; something that is large and sticks out, offender - someone who is guilty of a crime, bring before - to arrange for something to be discussed or judged by a court, committee, parliament, etc., transgression - the act or process of breaking a law or moral rule, disgrace - the loss of other people’s respect because you have done something they strongly disapprove of,


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