If she fell,, If I felt braver,, If I were you,, If I spoke to him directly,, If she was younger,, If I could become invisible,, If I had known the answer,, If they had left earlier,, If I had known you were coming,, If they hadn’t won that match,, If it hadn’t been snowing heavily,, If I had worked harder,, if you had called me on my birthday,, If we had a car,, If Australia wasn’t so far away,, If I could live anywhere in the world,, If it wasn’t so cold outside,, If I had moved to America 5 years ago,, If I had heard the news before,, If you had followed my advice,, If the food hadn’t been awful,, If the salary had been good,, If she hadn’t felt ill this morning,, If I hadn’t missed the bus,.


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