1) Did you ____ the Math exam? a) APPROVE b) APPROVED c) PASS d) PASSED 2) My sister has never ____ a test. a) DISAPPROVED b) FAILED c) FAIL d) DISAPPROVE 3) I didn't pass the exam, so I have to ____ it.  a) REDO b) REMAKE c) REWRITE d) RESIT 4) I hardly ever _____ PE lessons. I don't like that subject. a) ATTEND b) GO c) ASSIST d) PRESENT 5) I ____ for Harvard last year, but I didn't get in. a) ASKED b) PASSED c) APPLIED d) WANTED 6) My mother has a/an _____ in physics. a) CURRICULUM b) DEGREE c) UNDERGRADUATE d) TITLE 7) I'm an/a ____ student. I'm getting my bachelo's degree next year. a) GRADUATE b) UNDERGRADUATE c) POSTGRADUATE d) MIDGRADUATE 8) At secondary schools, teachers carry out ________ instead of taking final exams. a) CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT b) PERMANENT ASSESSMENTENT c) EVALUATION ASSESSMENT d) EVERYDAY ASSESSMENT

Unit 2 FCE Expert Vocabulary 2


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