1) Choose the odd one out a) sunny b) cloudy c) rainy d) pretty 2) Boys wear these when they swim. a) sunglasses b) swimming trunks c) swimsuit d) boots 3) Betty likes playing tennis. a) She’s going to buy a swimsuit. b) She’s going to sleep. c) She’s going to go to the post office. d) She’s going to go to the Sports Centre. 4) Who are you going to go with? a) My friend Jim. b) I’m going to swim and sit on the beach all day. c) We're going to visit granny. d) I'm going to the swimming pool. 5) ... 'm going to make a birthday wish. a) Jim b) I c) My parents 6) - ... sunglasses are they? - They are mum's. a) Who b) Whose c) What 7) Kathy needs a tent. a) She’s going to go camping. b) She’s going to go fishing. c) She’s going to go to Spain. d) She’s going to sleep. 8) Where are you going to stay? a) In a hotel. b) To Rome. c) Go fishing. d) In summer. 9) It will be ... in Oslo tomorrow. a) cloudy b) cold c) fine d) hot 10) We ... to play party games. a) will b) is going c) are going d) are

Spotlight 4, Module 8 (TEST 2)


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