1) Don’t put _____ this sweater. It’s dirty.  a) on b) out c) up 2) Please calm _____ . Everything is all right.  a) out b) up c) down 3) This necklace is beautiful. May I try it _____ ?  a) out b) on c) up 4) I must find _____ which platform the train leaves from.  a) on b) in  c) out 5) I hate fast driving. Please slow _____ ! a) down b) up c) on 6) I’m stuck. Can you help me get _____ of here? a) out b) up c) down 7) Dad is flying to Africa tomorrow and I want to see him _____ . a) up b) off c) out 8) If you use our new washing powder, all the stains will come _____ . a) out b) down c) off 9) Yesterday they cut _____ the gas in our flat.  a) in b) out c) off 10) Go and see what’s going _____ in Peter’s room.  a) up b) in c) on 11) It’s seven o’clock. Time to get _____.  a) on b) up c) at 12) This music is too loud. Turn it _____ a bit.  a) up b) in c) down 13) Look _____ this kitten! Isn’t it sweet?  a) at b) off c) with 14) Our car has broken _____ . We can’t come! a) after b) down c) on 15) Look ____ ! Don’t cross the road now.  a) at b) on c) out 16) What does it mean in English? Look it _____ in the dictionary.  a) up b) in c) down 17) I must look _____ my little sister.  a) forward b) after c) up 18) Write the new words _____ in your notebooks.  a) down b) up c) off 19) Speak _____, please. I can’t hear you.  a) off b) up c) out 20) She is looking _____ her favourite yoghurt.  a) on b) after c) for

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